Wednesday, March 26, 2014

He's working!

     It's been way to long since my last update and I apologize to everyone for taking so long. Sometimes it can be very difficult to post because of the lack of Internet here. In the future I may have to switch over to updating people through an email once a month. I will be sure to let you know if I decide to change over.
     The Lord has been working mightily in this nation and specifically the village where I live. And of course all the glory is His! It's definitely not been anything that I or those who I work with have done. We rely daily on the strength of the Holy Spirit. In the past few weeks I feel like we have seen so many lives that are either really interested in the Gospel or have already put their faith in Jesus Christ. I think of one man specifically. His name is Bonkanno. He started by coming to one of the guys I work with (Johnson) and telling him how he and his wife had been trying to have a child for 12 years now and that they were unable to. They had tried everything from Doctors, to Islamic religious leaders but nothing was working. He said that he believed that Jesus was powerful and maybe he could help him. Johnson, along with one of the local pastors, took him out one night and explained the whole Gospel to him. They told him that yes, Jesus was able give him a child if He wanted too. But first he needed to realize his need for salvation and that there is no other way but Christ alone. With tears in his eyes that night Bonkanno put his faith in the finished work of Christ. This man is truly on fire for the Lord and is meeting several times a week to talk over the Bible and pray with Johnson or the pastor. We are expecting Jesus to use this man in great ways in the days to come. That was just one of many stories of how God is moving here. Please continue to pray!

     We've also been working on building a Kid's center in our village. Here is something that one of my teammates, Jon wrote about it. (sorry for the bad pictures and little print)

We just recently began working on the foundation. Here are some pictures.

      Please continue to pray for Niger and all those in our village that we work with each day. Thank you for supporting the work going on here. Here a few more pictures from the past month. In Christ, Madison.
                                   (Me and my brother Yacouba)
                                                    (Kids Club)

                                       (One of my little friends)
                                           (The ROCK team)